Codes Description Size ltrs
LITKFCERCLE KF Ceramic Clean Removes cement,limescale,soap from tiles 0.5
LITKFGROCLE KF Grout Cleaner Removes grease,oil & dirt from wall or floor grout 0.5
LITGROPRO KF Grout Protector Reduces porosity of grout to prevent staining 0.5
LITMILAWA MildewAway Removes mildew & black mould from tiles & grout 0.5
LITLIMSCAAWA LimescaleAway Dissolves limescale from shower heads, taps etc 0.5
LITFZPROIMP FZ Protective Impregnator Initial treatment of porcelain tiles to prvent stains 0.5
LITCONCLE Conditioning Cleaner Mild cleaner for fully vit.& porcelain with light traffic 1
LITFZINTCLE FZ Intensive Cleaner Alkali cleaner for stubbon dirt on porcelain floors 1
LITMNPOWCLE MN Power Clean Removes oil,wax & light cement from stone/marble 1
LITMNSTASTO.5 MN Stainstop To penetrate stone surfaces to prevent stains from dirt & oil but allows the stone to breath  0.5
LITEASCAR Easy - Care Dissolves dirt, leaving protective film on stone, terracotta & quarries 1
LITWEX Wexa Multi purpose to remove wax,grease & floor polish 1
LITCEMAWA Cement Away  Removes stubbon cement from porcelain, ceramic, quarry & terracotta 1
LITMNSLASEA MN Slate Seal Produces a sheen finish on riven/rough multi coloured slate 1
LITMULSEA Multiseal A satin finish to stop dirt & oil on terracotta & unglazed ceramic 1
LITMNBUICLE MN Builders Clean Dissolves cement film from unpolished granite & natural stone 1
LITMNCOLINT MN Colour Intensifier Enhances the colour of limestone & honed (Not polished) marble 1
LITCEMRESREM KF Cement Res Remover Indoor use on fully vitrified & quarry tiles 1
LITMNCARSHE MN Care Sheen Occasional use on polished marble leaving a thin film 1
LITTILPOL KF Tile Polish For unglazed tiles - glossy film freshens colour & makes care easier 1
LITWSTASTO W STAINSTOP Impregnator to protect absorbent finishes against oil, grease & water 0.5
LITWAXOFF Waxoff Oil, wax & grease remover 1
GENPOWCLE Power Clean Industrial strength cleaner & degreaser 1
GENPOWCLE Power Clean 5
GENGROCLE Grout Cleaner To restore grout to its orginal finish 5
GENRESGROREM Residual Grout Remover To remove excess grout from porous/non porous surfaces 1
GENPOLSTR Polish Stripper Quick, safe & easy to use wax/polish stripper 1
GENBITSTR Bitumen Stripper Solvent stripper to remove bitumen from floors 5
GENGROSEA Grout Sealer To seal floor grout preventing water seepage 1
GENSEASHI Seal & Shine A glossy surface sealer for terracotta, slate, sandstone, limestone, terrazzo & cement tiles 1
GENINVSEA Invisible Sealer An invisible silicone sealer for all porous tiles 1
GENNATSTOSEA Natural Stone Cleaner Solvent based waterproof sealer for natural stone 5
GENSHOSEA Shower Sealer Spray application to seal grout on a tiled shower 1
GENSEASHI5 Seal & Shine Glossy tough durable surface sealer for terracotta, slate, sandstone, limestone, terrazzo & cement tiles 1
GENMULCLE Multi Clean Economical & hygienic - for frequent cleaning of tiles drying to a streak free finish 1
GENMULCLE5 Multi Clean 1
GENMAXSHI Maxi Shine Long lasting,anti-slip polymer polish - int use only 1